Tuesday, April 24, 2012

William's Visit! (Baby Ali, Too!)

Will, Allison, and William came to visit this past weekend. Allison is pregnant with Ali and is so cute! Anabelle kept telling her that she liked the baby in her belly. The kiddo's got along great. My nephew is so well behaved and so sweet to be around. Not to mention smart, too! We attempted to watch a Barron's game Saturday night, but it was too cold for the kids, so Allison and I took them for milkshakes and left the boys. The kids did get to play in the kid zone and spent their time jumping in bounce houses and climbing a monster slide.
I was very sad to see them go:(
Here are some pictures from the weekend. They always bring our kids MS State stuff (better than Alabama or Vanderbilt, Josh says!) We tried to get their pictures in matching t-shirts. There are a few decent pictures, but with little ones you just have to take what you can get!

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