Monday, April 9, 2012

Christmas, Easter, and Birthdays!

These pictures are from the church Easter egg hunt. A sweet girl walked around and helped Jack pick up eggs. He was pretty content to pick up one egg and carry it around. Anabelle did great! I tried to coach her before hand on getting as many as possible and not stopping to see what was in each egg. Sure enough, she stopped to open the first egg she found. John John and I convinced her to put it in the basket and keep going!!
The Easter Bunny came! Actually, everyone in our house got a little something for Easter. Josh and I got new shutters from the Easter Bunny. (AKA John John:) Anabelle got a craft kit, a dora doll, dvd's, and lots of candy. Jack got some candy and a beach ball. He was very content with his beach ball and all of his sister's stuff. We went to church and the kids hunted eggs at our house afterward. Jack had 2 eggs and Anabelle had the rest. Belle "hunted" eggs, too. She popped as many as she could get a hold of and ate the candy (wrapper and all). Geez...
I am not sure why Jack was crying in the picture above. I thought it was funny, though. He is so laid back but if he gets mad enough, he will let you know! In case you are wondering why his Easter outfit is unsnapped, it is because he outgrew it in a week!

These pictures are from Gigi's house. The kids loved their Christmas gifts. Jack got a football tent and Anabelle got boardgames.

Santa Claus! Play kitchen and gear for Anabelle, and a wooden train and cars for Jack. Anabelle had to point out the fact that the kitchen was not pink (first words that came out of her mouth when she saw her toys) but that she still liked it. By the end of the morning, she was not happy with having her picture made! (bottom left corner) Bea and John John got her a new baby she named "Rosemary" and red cowboy boots. I have learned that red cowboy boots apparently match everything.

Anabelle skating... What can I say? She spent more time on the ground than she did standing up. She finally just stuck her feet out and I pushed her around the rink.

Jack's first birthday!!!

Meal: Meatloaf, Mac and Cheese, Black-Eyed Peas

The kid can eat! He was banging on the oven waiting for the meat loaf.

Cake: He had his own cake to smash. Anabelle helped him eat it, as well as Belle. At that point, I had to take the cake away. Yuck!

Present: Little People Construction Ramp

Jack started walking shortly after his first birthday on February 9th. He just took off. It wasn't pretty, but he did it! He still walks like baby godzilla. He is very bow-legged, but has finally started bending his knees. He is in upper 90 percentiles for weight, height, and his head. He has blonde hair with curls.

Strawberry Shortcake 3rd birthday!!

Anabelle had a big time- she got lots of presents and a scooter!! The cake was a hit.
We recently painted a chalkboard in our kitchen to write messages. This has been great for birthday pictures!

She is so tall and her hair is light brown with curls. She is potty trained and off of the passy. She loves to cut with scissors and dance to music.

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  1. Reading your blog makes me miss you so much! Jack is adorable and looks a lot like Cole to me :) They are both big boys. I read Jacks stats at his 9 month and it was almost exactly what Cole's were (24 lbs and 30 1/2 inches tall). Cole hasn't figures out tooting is funny, but burping is! :) His birthday is today! No more baby :(