Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jack is 1 !!!

I don't have any pictures to upload today. I am so far behind, that I am going to have to take a night to post from Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Today Jack is 1 year old. Wow. No more babies in my house.

Last night I was putting away his bottles to make room for his sippies and it hit me that my baby is now technically not a baby. Where does the time go?

2011 was a whirlwind. Jack was born, Josh took a new job, our house went on the market, Josh started commuting to Alabama, I quit my job, we moved permanently to Alabama, bought a house in Alabama,the kids started a new preschool, I got a new job... the changes in the past year were almost too many to count.

Jack is now trying to walk, but not very interested. He has taken a few steps, but he is content to crawl. His hair is blonde with curls in the back. Never thought I would have a blonde child!!!
He is so content to play and hang out. He is wearing size 2t clothes and a size 5 shoe. He loves to sleep with his goofy at night. He has learned that it is "funny" to toot and entertains us with this when we are eating. Anabelle, of course, loves this. In fact, any sound like a toot send both of the kiddos into a fit of giggles. Speaking of eating, this child loves to eat!!! When I fix spaghetti, he eats at least 2 plate fulls. I am really going to have to bargain grocery shop when this kid gets older. On January 17th, he said Mama. I am not sure if he knows that is me, but he said it and it counts.
We are having a family birthday party for him tonight. I was/am very conflicted about birthday parties this year. The kids won't remember them and they end up being about who is there/how many presents/ all the details. Josh reminded me that the birthday parties he remembered were the ones that he ate dinner with his family and had cake. He didn't remember anything over the top, just the fact that he was with family. So... I am making meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, and macarroni and cheese. He and Anabelle will have cake and icecream and the rest of the night we will PLAY LIKE CRAZY!

Anabelle is now potty trained and says the craziest things! She asked me for a new puzzle and I asked her where her money was. She then said she didn't have any and asked Josh for some. Josh informed her he didn't have any money and that he was "broke." She put her head on her hand and said- Well, I guess we won't get a new puzzle tonight, Daddy is broke." She loves to have dance parties in the kitchen with us and the way she moves her hips is hilarious! She even tries to tap her toes, but she just pops her leg instead.
I feel guilty for not updating the blog, but I am too busy enjoying life with these 2 wild kiddos and their Daddy!

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