Thursday, June 13, 2013

Random Pictures From Summer 2013

The Countdown Begins...

In about 6 weeks, we will get to meet the newest addition of our family- Will Russell Beasley!I am over 33 weeks pregnant. I don't look huge, but I am becoming very uncomfortable. This kiddo kicks like a ninja. Some mornings I wake up and my belly is sore just from the kicking.

The kids are excited. Anabelle talks to him constantly and reminds him everyday that she is going to buy him a truck when he gets here. Jack pulls my shirt up, rubs my belly, giggles, and says "Hi Baby Russ!" I did catch him looking behind me to try to figure out where baby Russ is, so I don't think he really knows what is happening.

Anabelle is ready for this baby. But being ready comes with a lot of questions. Some are normal and some are just bizarre. She is very intrigued by people being in other people's bellies. She will map it out for you... Russ is in Mommy's belly. Jack was in Mommy's belly. I was in Mommy's belly. Daddy was in Bea's belly. Mommy was in GiGi's belly. Then she will follow up by asking... Whose belly were you in? I am afraid she also got on my ipad while I was on babycenter and took the liberty of watching some childbirth videos when I was not looking. You can only imagine the questions that came from that. In fact, one day on the couch, she pulled both of her legs up and started grunting. I asked her what she was doing and she said- practice pushing for the baby. Oh dear...

We have had a busy summer. Our house is on the market and we are averaging 1-2 showings every other day. It is tough to be clean with 2 under 4 running around.

I am teaching summer school and the kids are going to mother's day out. They love it! On Tuesdays and Wednesday's they have water play. The kids get to play in baby pools with water toys. They are worn out by the time I pick them up. We have also been doing a lot of playing in our baby pool. It is a classy green color with a plastic slide:) In fact, the Google car was riding down the street and caught my pregnant self lounging with my feet in the water in the front yard. Yikes! I hope they photoshop me out.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Anabelle Turns 4!

Anabelle is 4. This crazy, beautiful, intelligent little girl is growing up so fast! She has learned to write her letters, spell simple words, write her name, and walk in dress-up high heels. Her doctor's appointment was fabulous. She is in the 97% for height and 70% for weight. She is 43 pounds and 43 inches tall. She makes the sassiest faces and prances around the house. But, don't let the girly girl act fool you. This child is tough as nails. After being bitten at school, Anabelle preceeded to punch the other child in the mouth. Her teacher said she is definitely not afraid to defend herself.
She loves her baby brother fiercely. They play together, snuggle together, yell together, cry together, and laugh together. She also loves God and defends him to others. After hearing another person say God is stupid, Anabelle calmly explained that he was not stupid and had the whole world in his hands. (After saying this, she proceeded to bust out singing- He's Got the Whole World in His Hands). She is a Mama's girl at times, but is pretty much a Daddy's girl. She is a whiz at the iPAD. She really keeps us on our toes and makes us realize how lucky we are to be her parents.
For her birthday, she received a CD Player with CD's (Tangled, Taylor Swift, Princess and the Popstar) and some leappad games.

Before Church

Random Pictures of Anabelle before church... She is finally letting me braid her hair:)

Daddy/Daughter Date

For Valentine's Day, Josh took Anabelle on a date. This makes me so happy. 1) This shows Anabelle how a girl should be treated and 2) Anabelle adores her Daddy like I did my Daddy. 3) I got to spend love day with my little man.

Josh bought her a rose corsage and asked her where she wanted to go. Of course, she said McDonald's. They compromised with Mexican for the main course and McDonald's for ice cream. I rolled her hair, dressed her up, and Josh gave her the corsage. She was pretty fascinated. Josh also brought me roses (rare for us) so Mommy was happy, too.

And Baby #3 Is...

In November, Josh had some meetings with work and didn't get home until 5. He had to leave to go to some more dinner meetings around 6:30. We usually have a glass of wine together (our happy hour) while I get dinner ready. We had also just had our kitchen remodeled with a beautiful custom island with a built in wine rack and wine fridge. After offering me a glass, I very discretely turned it down saying that I had a lot to get done and it would only make me sleepy. I kinda knew by the look in his eyes that he knew something was up.

He poured himself a glass, drank it all in one gulp, looked at me and said, "You're pregnant, aren't you?"
To that, I just started to cry. I was so emotional... excited, scared, worried. I shook my head yes and his response was- this is awesome! This is a great thing! Why are you crying? He then started pacing around the kitchen, clapping his hands, and repeating these things. I am pretty sure he was trying to reassure himself. I then reminded him that I wasn't sure if we could fit 3 kids in my car. He said- We'll get a minivan...lots of people drive minivans... It was a really funny moment looking back on it.

Anabelle was so excited. Of course, she wanted a baby sister. She softened up a bit to a baby brother, stating that she would love the baby anyway if it were a boy. Jack had no clue. Now that I am 6 and 1/2 months pregnant, I still don't think he has a clue.

At our 20 week ultrasound, we decided to find out what the little bit was. When it was time for the ultrasound tech to look, little bit had fallen asleep with it's  legs up like a little frog. After much jiggling and rolling back and forth on my part, she finally got a look. Anabelle's reaction... "Ugh. I am not happy." (With her arms crossed.)

IT'S A BOY! Now, I know Anabelle wanted a baby sister, but I quickly reminded her- 1) she will be Daddy's only little girl and 2) she will be the queen bee that gets to boss two little boys around. She became very excited with this news and suddenly she was thrilled to be having another baby brother.

After the appointment, we went and had a big pink cupcake for the little sister that never was. This totally made up for another boy:)

Josh and I were thrilled that the baby is a boy. We truly did not care either way, but it will be fun for Jack to have a little brother close to his age.
Things that worry me... 1. little boys eat A LOT 2. we will have 2 teenage boys in high school together

As if life isn't crazy enough around our house, it will only get crazier late July! Our official due date is July 31st. Yes. I will be pregnant in Alabama, in the summer. HOT!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jack Turns 2!

Jack turned 2 on January 25th. We did a family birthday party which consisted of Anabelle and I decorating, Jack getting his favoirte meal, and all of us eating cake. He is obsessed with Toy Story so that was the theme. He received Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head and was pumped! He now has almost every character from the movie. His birthday was on a school night, so the little guy crashed shortly after the cake.

His two year old check up was great! The doctor commented that he was the average size of a 3 year old so needless to say, he is a big guy! He is in the upper 90 percentile for height and in the 70's for weight. He is going cost us a lot of money in food!!