Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Countdown Begins...

In about 6 weeks, we will get to meet the newest addition of our family- Will Russell Beasley!I am over 33 weeks pregnant. I don't look huge, but I am becoming very uncomfortable. This kiddo kicks like a ninja. Some mornings I wake up and my belly is sore just from the kicking.

The kids are excited. Anabelle talks to him constantly and reminds him everyday that she is going to buy him a truck when he gets here. Jack pulls my shirt up, rubs my belly, giggles, and says "Hi Baby Russ!" I did catch him looking behind me to try to figure out where baby Russ is, so I don't think he really knows what is happening.

Anabelle is ready for this baby. But being ready comes with a lot of questions. Some are normal and some are just bizarre. She is very intrigued by people being in other people's bellies. She will map it out for you... Russ is in Mommy's belly. Jack was in Mommy's belly. I was in Mommy's belly. Daddy was in Bea's belly. Mommy was in GiGi's belly. Then she will follow up by asking... Whose belly were you in? I am afraid she also got on my ipad while I was on babycenter and took the liberty of watching some childbirth videos when I was not looking. You can only imagine the questions that came from that. In fact, one day on the couch, she pulled both of her legs up and started grunting. I asked her what she was doing and she said- practice pushing for the baby. Oh dear...

We have had a busy summer. Our house is on the market and we are averaging 1-2 showings every other day. It is tough to be clean with 2 under 4 running around.

I am teaching summer school and the kids are going to mother's day out. They love it! On Tuesdays and Wednesday's they have water play. The kids get to play in baby pools with water toys. They are worn out by the time I pick them up. We have also been doing a lot of playing in our baby pool. It is a classy green color with a plastic slide:) In fact, the Google car was riding down the street and caught my pregnant self lounging with my feet in the water in the front yard. Yikes! I hope they photoshop me out.

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