Friday, April 26, 2013

And Baby #3 Is...

In November, Josh had some meetings with work and didn't get home until 5. He had to leave to go to some more dinner meetings around 6:30. We usually have a glass of wine together (our happy hour) while I get dinner ready. We had also just had our kitchen remodeled with a beautiful custom island with a built in wine rack and wine fridge. After offering me a glass, I very discretely turned it down saying that I had a lot to get done and it would only make me sleepy. I kinda knew by the look in his eyes that he knew something was up.

He poured himself a glass, drank it all in one gulp, looked at me and said, "You're pregnant, aren't you?"
To that, I just started to cry. I was so emotional... excited, scared, worried. I shook my head yes and his response was- this is awesome! This is a great thing! Why are you crying? He then started pacing around the kitchen, clapping his hands, and repeating these things. I am pretty sure he was trying to reassure himself. I then reminded him that I wasn't sure if we could fit 3 kids in my car. He said- We'll get a minivan...lots of people drive minivans... It was a really funny moment looking back on it.

Anabelle was so excited. Of course, she wanted a baby sister. She softened up a bit to a baby brother, stating that she would love the baby anyway if it were a boy. Jack had no clue. Now that I am 6 and 1/2 months pregnant, I still don't think he has a clue.

At our 20 week ultrasound, we decided to find out what the little bit was. When it was time for the ultrasound tech to look, little bit had fallen asleep with it's  legs up like a little frog. After much jiggling and rolling back and forth on my part, she finally got a look. Anabelle's reaction... "Ugh. I am not happy." (With her arms crossed.)

IT'S A BOY! Now, I know Anabelle wanted a baby sister, but I quickly reminded her- 1) she will be Daddy's only little girl and 2) she will be the queen bee that gets to boss two little boys around. She became very excited with this news and suddenly she was thrilled to be having another baby brother.

After the appointment, we went and had a big pink cupcake for the little sister that never was. This totally made up for another boy:)

Josh and I were thrilled that the baby is a boy. We truly did not care either way, but it will be fun for Jack to have a little brother close to his age.
Things that worry me... 1. little boys eat A LOT 2. we will have 2 teenage boys in high school together

As if life isn't crazy enough around our house, it will only get crazier late July! Our official due date is July 31st. Yes. I will be pregnant in Alabama, in the summer. HOT!

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