Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Things kids say...

Anabelle talks. Anabelle talks a lot. Anabelle talks ALL OF THE TIME. And guess what? I love it! She is so vocal and has really started to make sense of all of her words and sayings.
We were in Target and I pushed the button on some pretend baby monitors. The monitor said... Mama, Mama. Anabelle very quietly leaned over, patted the baby on the head, and said "Hush baby. Your mama will be here soon."

On the way to school, Anabelle blurted out, "No, No. We don't do that in Mrs. Nancy's room. We don't toot."
I asked her to repeat and she said the same thing and that she got in trouble. I said- For tooting? She said yes. Daddy taught me that." 1. Josh was mortified and laughed a ton when I told him. 2. It is always nice when a child blames "the other parent" for something they are not supposed to do.

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