Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's Day and Prayer

This Mother's Day, Josh and I spent the weekend in Fort Walton relaxing at the beach and playing in the pool. Best. Mother's. Day. Gift. Ever. It was much needed time with the kids.

We thought we would spend our time chasing Jack, but he just crawled up in a beach chair and watched and talked to the birds as they flew by. He decided to chase them, which actually looked like a drunk person trying to run in the sand. The birds did not even attempt to run, they just walked about 3 feet in front of him.
Anabelle loves the beach, but this trip she was way more interested in the pool. Puddle Jumpers are amazing; we just put them on the kiddos and they float around. They are really starting to play well together. I am really glad they have each other for entertainment.

We attempted to go out to eat at Fudpucker's thinking it would be a restaurant to keep them entertained. Anabelle spent her time dancing in the middle of the isles and writing on the walls (it is allowed there.)

Unfortunately, we made sure the kids were slathered in sunscreen, but we neglected to wear it. Josh and I both looked like lobsters.

 I also received my pot holder from Anabelle. I am 2 for 2 on pot holders for the past 2 years. What can I say? I love them. I actually need more, but at the rate I am going, I will have plenty in the next couple of years:)

This month, Jack had his first big fever and scared the bajeebezies out of us! He is the most laid back, happy baby, so it was very hard to see him sick. He weighs 29 pounds now and is pretty much eating me out of house and home. I love it, though! I never dreamed I would have a blonde headed little boy!

Anabelle is obsessed with the movie Tangled. Josh and I can almost quote every line. She has decided not to cut her hair so that it will grow "super long." Fine with me- Anabelle's hair is beautiful with cascading curls, light brown with hints of blonde.

On a different note, I found out my mother has lung cancer, which has spread to her liver, bones, and  lymph nodes. We are really praying for peace of mind and comfort. Anabelle and Jack love their GiGi. This is a really hard time for us. All prayers are appreciated!


  1. Praying for your family Lori. So sorry to hear about your mother.

  2. Praying! Love the pics. The one of you and Annabelle is precious. You look great!!!