Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I can't believe that Jack is almost 4 months! I feel like time is flying by.
Jack: You have discovered your hands and feet! You will spend a ton of time checking them out and shaking them. You love rice cereal and applesauce (mixed). You are such a big boy and I am afraid you are going to eat us out of house and home:) You smile all of the time, but you are not afraid to poke your bottom lip out when you are hungry or want attention. You are sleeping about 10 hours at night and napping great during the day. You still love your sister and are pretty fascinated with her. Right now you are wearing some 6 months and 9 months clothing.
I am thinking you will make a great football player...

Anabelle: Wow- you are a little chatter box! We have some of the most interesting conversations that are so funny! You have started using the potty and pretty much have it down pat. You are very independent and are very willing to help me around the house. I dread the day that you find out the tasks I ask you to help with are really chores. You let me know on a daily basis that you are "daddy's girl" and "daddy's princess." Don't worry- I totally understand. I was both of those when I was growing up. You tell everyone you are moving to Alabama, then finish it off with "Boo Bama, Bama stinks." This makes your daddy very proud. Your favoite songs right now are Baby Bumblebee, ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and the hokey Pokey. You have spotted us now when you come out for children's church, so Daddy and I have to hide in the pew now. You are fascinated with hang nails- I know it's strange, but you examine your fingers everyday to find one. You refer to your little brother as Jackaroo now, and you are very sweet and gentle towards him. I am amazed at your ability to put thoughts into words, and I love your expressions when you see something new- "oh WOW, mommy"...

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Face Off

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