Thursday, May 19, 2011

Anabelle's Spring Program

Anabelle's Preschool had their Spring Program and Anabelle was old enough to participate this year. The theme was "Let's Get Physical", and the kids did a lot of singing and dancing. We sat in the middle of the church and tried to hide from her, because if she saw her parents or grandparents, it would be over. Needless to say, she really showed out. She danced and sang and had a ton of fun! Here are some pictures of during and after the program.

Bea and John John were sitting where she could see them, so this was their attempt to hide themselves.

We attempted multiple family photos, but I am convinced we will never get one where everyone is looking at the camera.

Anabelle is in the long blue dress.

Hokey Pokey (She would randomly sing this song in the car and at home so we figured she was singing it for the program)

Entering the sanctuary with her hands up.

Jack waiting for the show to start. He is now playing with his feet all of the time.

This is really a "Simpson" look. I think he is looking more like my side of the family everyday.

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