Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vacation Pics and Announcement

Our life has been so crazy lately!!! Anabelle is on the go and seems to never stop... She is eating with silverware now and is really catching on to things. We found out yesterday that we are having a little boy! Jack Robert (Robert after Josh's daddy) will be here in January. Anabelle will already tell you that her little brother's name is Jack.
Here are some Beach pictures from Edisto Island, SC. We skipped the Gulf this year, and although it was a little disappointing to not go, South Carolina was amazing!!!!

Josh, Anabelle, and I (and Jack:)

Bea, Grand John, and the Grand babies

Henry, Anabelle, and Charlie

Eating my Candy

Playing on the screen porch after dinner

Playing with Charlie

Petting Zoo at a plantation in Charleston

Random picture from the lake- Anabelle was dying to get in the water and cried when we took her out:(

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  1. Great Edisto Vacation Blog. I added your link to my DiscoverEdisto Facebook Page. Hope you visit again soon.