Friday, September 10, 2010

Amazing how "grown-up" Anabelle has become...

She has started eating her meals with a fork. Now, she doesn't always get food on the fork, but she tries.
When I picked her up at daycare yesterday, she was sitting at the table, drinking milk from an open cup, and dunking her oreo's in the milk. It was so sweet, it made me want to cry! Well, until she turned to face me and I realized her shirt was ruined and she needed a bath.

She tells me now when she is ready to go to bed, and whenever she needs something she uses phrases instead of the grunting and whining.
When walking through Lowe's with Josh the other day, he did something she didn't like and she told him, " No, no, no. Bad Daddy." I think it really shocked him, but he should just get ready. Little girl drama is never ending!

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