Monday, April 18, 2011

So, not a very exciting post, but just a little updating on the kiddos.


Jack weighed 14 pounds at his 3 month check up! He is such a big boy, and probably the most content baby I have ever been around. Fussing for Jack means a little bit of squirming and grunting. He has hit the "smiley" stage and is smiling and laughing at everything. He is very amused at Anabelle and follows her with his eyes everywhere around the room. He is really starting to hold his head up pretty well. He loves to be on his belly and does the "flying superman" now. He has been sleeping through the night for about a month and a half now. For that, Josh and I are very grateful! Of course he looks just like his daddy-


Where do I start? This has to be one of the most fun stages of a child. Don't get me wrong, the 2's are tough, but are so much fun!

She is 3 feet tall- she takes after her mama in being the tallest child in her class. She probably won't appreciate it in elementary and middle school, but she will eventually.

Her vocabulary is great- talking in full sentences and her expressions and sayings are too funny. She often calls Josh and I by our nicknames and finds it hilarious. She does have a lisp that she will probably grow out of, but words like applesauce, spaghetti, and sid the sloth are really hilarious. She has started using the potty (with several accidents along the way), but I am so proud of her! She will tell me now wherever we are if she needs to go and she pretty much gets it everytime. Of course she gets M&M's, so that is even more reason for her to go. She loves Jack and likes to play mommy to him. I am not sure though how many diapers of his she has used on her baby doll.

Life with 2 children is really crazy busy, but wow- totally worth it. It is hard to remember life before Anabelle and Jack!

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