Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Miss. Anabelle!

We had a great time celebrating Anabelle's 1st birthday last weekend! We had a wonderful time with lots of family and friends. The party was a brown and pink ladybug theme. It turned out so cute! Our best friend, Lindsay, made the cakes for Anabelle. They were truly amazing! Anabelle wore a special outfit that her Bea made, and she loved her chair from Gigi. We are truly blessed!


Lindsay's beautiful cake! She made Anabelle this cake, a special "smash cake", and cupcakes. They were amazing!

She was about to pounce in this picture...

She was shoveling it into her mouth!

The damage...

Cute bloomers from Bea

Charlie and Anabelle playing after the party

Playing with baby Henry's toy in her new chair from Gigi

Anabelle loves Charlie! She was letting him put the ball on her face and letting him bounce it on her head.


Trying for a group picture of the kiddo's...

Bea and Grand John with all of the grandkids.

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